Do nothing, get hit

Spoke to a bloke who chose not use video-sharing sites to promote some (decent) animations he’d made. Because, apparently, it takes too much effort to generate the links and views.

Interesting question this. How much time does it take to tend to your videos?

The answer is none. None time and none money. Or so it would seem.

One year ago I upload two videos to YouTube. One I looked after almost daily for three months; the other got slapped up like canteen grub. The only thing that links them is that no money was spent on either and that they are both on a hideously ‘ip-an-‘appening video-sharing website. This is the tale of their contrasting fortunes.

The first was everybody’s favourite MP, John Denham, inviting participation in Citizen Calling, a pilot I produced to test how mobile phones might be used to allow submission of evidence to select committee inquiries. The first time it had been tried (read the findings).

I filmed the 1m 2s video promotional video on a Fuji s5000, cut in titles and posted it up. I used the video in an email campaign to get links on relevant community sites and in support of a small PR campaign to get media coverage. Both of which were subsequently got.

The video was viewed 592 times, generated 4 comments, achieved a 3-star rating from 3 votes and received 4 inbound links. Not great. Especially when there was a chance for young people to guide Parliament on how to review the issue of youth crime.

So… (lots of activity) x (important stuff) = not a lot of traffic via YouTube.

The other video is about a snake chasing monkeys. And it never really happened.

I cut together bits of video released by the BBC as part of its trial of the Creative Archive licence. Originally it was done on a realtime editor embedded on the BBC site. Problem was that when you pressed submit the thing just crashed. Buggy as hell.

I took all the video off the site, recut it using Magix, and stuck a soundtrack over the top. The result was a fairly tense but fake two minute jungle pursuit.

Once it was uploaded it was left alone. Save for comment moderation, I’ve not been anywhere near it since. Until now I haven’t told anyone about it. Nonetheless, Snakes and Monkeys has been viewed 43,366 times, generated 14 comments, achieved a 3-star rating from 37 votes and received 5 inbound links.

So… (unactivity) x (so what) = a modest slice of YouTube traffic.

Politics was a hard-sell on the pre-Google buy-out YouTube. But had there been any number of alternative public, private or charity sector link-ups, those poor people’s time might have been better spent.

Today video marketing is always a good option. Do nothing and you even get something out of it. Put the proper effort in, and… well, do the math.

JumpCut, Facebook, LiveLeak and Daily Motion are just a few examples of the big beasts; plus there are a host of other places to be seen. The key is precision placement, and for that you need good research.

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