Where Smart People Go To Argue

Been dipping into a book by Seth Godin lately. I say dipping – it’s been a bit like swimming at a British beach. It’s a sunny day and you want to go in but it’s freezing cold when you do. You jump in, you jump out – gawd, that was baltic, not trying that again. Five minutes later… maybe I’ll try again, maybe it will be better.

Anyhoo… he blogs and I went there today and read that yesterday his company has launched HeyMonkeyBrain.com – ‘Where Smart People Go To Argue’ apparently. Basically – simple layout suited to binary arguments with ‘yay’ on one side and ‘nay’ on the other. Of the first set of arguments put up there, it’s mostly same-old – PC vs Mac, vinyl vs digital, which came first, the chicken or the egg – as well as a few, wacky web 2.0 arguments – such as, ‘Steve Jobs is a prick’ and ‘Seth Godin needs to grow a soul patch’.

My first thought was that it looks like a laugh. My second thought was to wonder how long it will take for speculation about it’s political applications to begin. Followed swiftly by whether its a good thing or not?

Have I started it? Have I killed it? Should I be asking this question on HeyMonkeyBrain.com?

One thought on “Where Smart People Go To Argue

  1. […] ‘Hey Monkeybrain!’ is an extension of Squidoo, a site that lets users collect content on a particular topic from all around the web in one place.  We’re not particularly enamoured with Squidoo itself (to put it politely) but, having first seen it yesterday, I think ‘Hey Monkeybrain!’ looks far simpler, cleaner and with a stronger proposition.  The idea is that you set up two opposing ideas, collect the supporting material for each and then let the people decide.  The application to e-democracy is pretty easy to see and I was going to raise the questions of the usefulness of this model/tool… but Ross Ferguson has pretty much beaten me to it, so have a read of his blog on the subject! […]

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