Good sites but even better

One of my favourite sites is WalkIt, and now it’s just got even better with Well done to Jamie Wallace and his colleagues.

I like WalkIt as a user but also as a professional.

I like the look and feel. I like the subtle way that users are asked for their feedback on the site’s development, and the fact that the issues they are asked about are actionable and relate to the site’s sustainability (for example, which cities should we cover, should we accept advertsing and what kind?).

Perhaps the masterstroke is that the WalkIt team have gone out and done partnership deals with the local governments. Really pleased to see that they are working with a key stakeholder rather than against or in spite of them – see it can be done!. And this is really going to help with marketing and sustainability.

As a priority, I’d like to have the ‘route finder’ given even greater prominence (possibly a bit hidden below the top nav). Other tweaks, might involve doing more with geo-tagging (Flickr etc.).

But on the whole, keeping it a simple , intuitive utility  is the way to go.

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