Democracy 2.0: Bringing innovation and the social web to the heart of governance in Scotland

Back in February I jotted down some reflections on eDemocracy in Scotland. I’d been back for a few months and was fairly disappointed by the progress the Scottish polity had made online.

First step to putting things right is a good diagnosis, and I hope you’ll participate (whether you’re kilted or not).

On September 25th I will be opening a seminar organised by the fantastic team at Urban Learning Space in Glasgow’s Lighthouse.

Democracy 2.0 – bringing innovation and the social web to the heart of governance in Scotland‘ will be an opportunity to reflect on Scotland’s experience of eDemocracy and discuss where it goes from here. I’m really excited to be joined on the panel by Sarah Davidson, Director of Communications at the Scottish Government) and Iain Bruce (of Sunday Herald fame).

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Spending less, yet spending more

Ofcom has released its 2008 Communications Market Review.

Haven’t had the chance to plough through it yet, but the main headline seems to be that Brits are spending more time communicating, yet spending less money to do so.

These reports are fantastic data sources, so it’s worth spending some time and bandwidth downloading it.

Interestingly Ofcom are running a trial of an ‘experimental, interactive version’ of the report’s key points. In essence, it’s a ‘social text’ allowing users to place comments against each point in the document (like the one that DIUS are running).

I think it’s a good idea but they seem a little too cautious about the whole thing.

Have a look at

Digital Dialogues 3

The report from the final phase of the Digital Dialogues project is now available for download and online at

Haven’t had time to fully digest it as yet. Very busy. Will collate my thoughts soon.

But congratulations to the Hansard Society, its eDemocracy team and the Democratic Engagement Branch at the Ministry of Justice on getting the report out and talked about.

A big moment in social network history

Logged into Facebook this morning to find a message from Mark Zuckerburg himself. It was basically all about the new layout, but I was also rather surprised to find out that they are describing Facebook as a ‘movement’ (see below). That’s taking it too far.

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The Multicoloured Search Engine

If you haven’t already played with it, have a look at Idee‘s rather funky Multicolr Search Lab.

They’ve picked out 3 million ‘interesting’ images from Flickr and combined the Flickr API with their own Piximilar software to allow you to search by any colour or colour set.

It’s great fun but also extremely useful.

Thank you to Michael Watson of Hastings fame, and Defmech for the pointer.