See you there, there and there

I hooked up with Urban Learning Spaces to organise the Democracy 2.0 on Thursday 25th September in response to a lack of debate – and action – in Scotland around the contribution of digital media to democratic engagement and participation. I’m looking forward to presenting, and my co-panelists Sarah Davidson (representing the Scottish Government) and Iain Bruce (from the Sunday Herald) are key players and not to be missed.

Then Alex Stobart got the ScotWeb2 Unconference together, which will be taking place at Edinburgh University on October 31st and looks set to be a great opportunity to discuss and network with those who have designed and are managing the next generation of political sites, applications and campaigns.

And now the Hansard Society has organised a seminar on online citizen engagement in the Scottish Parliament on October 29th.

Talk about waiting on a bus and then…

Unlike the bus analogy there is every reason to welcome this clustering of events. I intend to make all three – have to make two for sure because I’m speaking at them – and I hope that anyone who is even a passing interest will be at all three.

This is a kickstart moment – it needs people with motivation, ideas and the ability to act.

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