New Opportunities

Had a look at the New Opportunities White Paper consultation site?

It does a lot right.

A basic, but good to see the use of social bookmarks.

Really pleased to see resource materials offered to online community managers and bloggers.

Like the fact that you are encouraged to go out into the ‘civic commons’ to deliberate (see the right-hand column on the homepage).  But when you click through to the TUC’s Touchstone blog or CommunityCare’s CareSpace forum the relevant discussion is well-flagged, while on the other sites it’s a struggle to find where the New Opportunities activity is – not so good.

And the copy is a bit heavy in places. Could do with some more formatting.

Will it all work? Will it get people talking? And responding?

Simon Dickson is in two minds.

Emma Mulqueeny seems to be into it.

UPDATE: Steph Gray – who advised on the development – has a done a write up.

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “New Opportunities

  1. It’s so far and away better than the standard approach (PDF download and an email address for comments) that it’d be wrong to pick holes.

    My only comment is that it’s slightly unclear on first arrival where the opportunities are to respond. Each page of the text probably needs a clear call to action.

  2. Agreed, re call to actions.

    @Neil – I’m not sure about the picking holes: I’m increasingly nervous that we accept govt web innovation a bit uncritically, so its good to have some people such as yourself, Ross and Simon raising virtual eyebrows at some of it.

  3. I’ve posted this over at Simon’s review too, but there’s an interesting opportunity over the next few days to decide what happens over the next few weeks and months on this one.

    How should Government follow up a White Paper like this online?

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