Putting all your vids in one basket?

Is it ‘risky’ to put all your video content on one site? Particularly if you are ‘government’?

See – www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_youtube_government.php.

Other decent options?


In doubt? Check:

– Audience size and type
– Cost
– Copyright
– Commenting
– Statistics

Being in more places, means more eyeballs. But it also means more management and tracking. The ol’ cost:benefit analysis.

6 thoughts on “Putting all your vids in one basket?

  1. I can think of a few other things to bear in mind:

    API availability (RSS feed, or ideally more, a lot more)
    Reliability. You can bet every new version of Flash is rigorously tested against YouTube, due to sheer volume of traffic; can’t say the same for every niche video site.
    Cross platform access. Both the iPhone/iPod Touch and Android/G1 have built-in YouTube client software; but it’s the only streaming video (currently) available.

    I’m not sure being in more places does mean more eyeballs. I can’t quite believe people using (let’s say) Vimeo refuse on a point of principle to visit YouTube.

    But this could all become a whole lot easier in recessionary times. Video streaming costs big money; and I can see a lot of these niche sites disappearing.

    Anyway… I’d rather government concentrated on decent, web-friendly content rather than spending time and effort pumping soulless rubbish into multiple places.

  2. I’ll look into that, Jeremy. A very good suggestion, and of course, there are tools to let you publish other types of content in multiple places with the push of one button. Good to get a list together, I think.

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