6 thoughts on “Walking the walk

  1. It’s good stuff, Ross. Given the subject matter the team works on and the audience for it, it’s been ripe for the application of some social web tools.

    How are you going to follow this up? Feels to me like the next logical step would be to seque into some kind of blog for the team for the likes of me to keep in touch with their emerging work and standards, and provide a simple platform for future informal consultations? Policy blogs are often doomed to failure when they’re a bolt-on for the sake of it, but in this case, it feels like blog-based communication could be a really good fit.

  2. Hi Steph. You’ve been making this point for some time now and I have to admit I’m coming round to the idea. So far the team have been using the CivilBlogs platform try out blogging with the safety net of knowing it stays within government. I think it’s time we went public!… This Review certainly seems like a step in that direction.

  3. Here comes the most predictable comment of the day: I’m delighted to see COI using WordPress.

    This particular consultation is incredibly detailed: it’s hard to know the right level at which to start addressing any comments… although of course, it’s far from unique in that respect. All the more reason then, as Adam suggests, to take the internal blogging outside – which of course, you’re effectively doing here Ross!

    The constant connection of a blog is still consultation, albeit a different angle on it. I have a suspicion that it might be a more effective method too.

  4. It’s great that COI are doing this – definitely a step in the right direction and all credit to Ross, Adam and co. Especially good as you’re in a position of influence and this could help other Depts (who haven’t yet enjoyed the delights of a fully open online consultation) win internal arguments and bring their barriers down.

    I look forward to more of the same for the other guidance you’re working on, too. Glad you listened to the feedback from Steph and others.

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