On my desktop this week… ‘Dam #6’ by Edward Burtynsky

Dam #6 by Edward Burtynsky
'Dam #6' by Edward Burtynsky

Because sometimes delivering digital media projects can feel as complex and as large an undertaking as civil engineering. And afterall with each site, each piece of content, each interaction we manufacture the digital landscape.

I got into this sort of photography after watching Koyaanisqatsi. Ever since the work of Edward Burtynsky comes the fore of my mind when I talk about the best photography I’ve seen.

Tweet As Tools

Here are some Twitter publishing and tracking tools that I’ve been using a lot recently…

TweetDeck – installs on your desktop and is a useful program from publishing and monitoring Twitter activity – www.tweetdeck.com

TweetStats – provides statistics about your Twitter activity, and if you put others’ names in you can get data about their activity – www.tweetstats.com

TwitGraph – more or less the same as above, not as nice an interface but you can save the graphs as JPGs to drop into reports – www.twitgraph.com

TwitterFall – initially quite confusing, this is useful for tracking activity on Twitter – www.twitterfall.com

TweetBurner – shortens and allows you to track use of your URLs – www.tweetburner.com

Trendrr – compare Twitter trend activity – www.trendrr.com

What are you using?

A Digital View on Swine Flu

It’s no secret that the Government was preparing for a flu pandemic – featuring as high as it did in the 2008 National Risk Register. And although the actual outbreak came out of the blue, it’s been acknowledged that the UK was pretty well prepared both in clinical and communications terms.

The COI has been working for a number of months on pandemic flu preparedness (with the Department of Health as the lead department) because from the off the government recognised the importance of digital media for not only getting the word out but for also getting it back.

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On my desktop this week… ‘Pulling Together’ by Amy Casey

Pulling Together by Amy Casey, courtesy of Zg Gallery
'Pulling Together' by Amy Casey, courtesy of Zg Gallery

Each week I change the image on my desktop to a painting, photograph, logo or illustration that catches my eye.

I chose each image conciously because I like the style or the technique or the subject matter, but subconcoiusly I think these images also capture my mood or what I’m focussing on.

The current desktop is a painting called ‘Pulling Together’ by Amy Casey. Her website is www.amycaseypainting.com and the body of her work is as good and better than this piece. She blogs at amycaseypaint.livejournal.com.

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