Choose a different ending

Went in to visit the Google’s Public Sector team this week to pick their brains on YouTube. Charlotte and Katarina had lots of interesting things to demonstrate, but I was most taken by a video they showed me.

Made for the Metropolitan Police by Spike, ‘Choose a different ending’ is one of the sharpest uses of YouTube I have yet seen for a public sector campaign.

It’s more of a play than a watch; check it out at and the campaign site at

Insighful and hardworking creative, using the technolgy and the channel superbly; not preachy but makes you think twice. I think this might have an impact; it’s already caught on and seems to generating the views from exactly the intended audience. I’m really keen to locate an evaluation.

It’s not perfect. If you stab the guy, you get to find out the legal implications in no uncertain terms; but if you go party, you are suddenly watching a music video by Chipmunk. I can see what they are trying to do, by gratifying good choices, but it leaves you hanging and I’m not sure if the intended audience would view the Chip Diddy Chip video as much of a reward.

Still props to all involved.

One thought on “Choose a different ending

  1. Like it. There’s some really great stuff being done through YouTube.

    Reminds me that I recently came across Boone Oakley’s site which is just a series of linked YT videos:

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