A(nother) visit to the Museum of Modern Betas

'Ticket Stubs (1987 - 2007)' by pouryourheartintoit
'Ticket Stubs (1987 - 2007)' by pouryourheartintoit

Over the weekend someone searched for ‘museum of Modern Betas‘ and found my blog. This was because I posted about the site back in 2008.

MoMB is a site dedicated to listing sites and web-based applications in beta.

I haven’t been back there for a long time. So I decided to pay a visit and went through the first 10 pages of displays.

All good museums make you think and generate ideas. MoMB is no different. It’s interesting to look at individual examples but also to reflect on the trending subjects, styles and functions.

Here are 3 that I picked out:

1. Fiverr

It’s a US site that I think would have gone down well here in the UK.

Basically, people pledge to do something for a $5. But forget social conciousness; this site is all about commerce and is dominated by people who will either draw you, sing for you or tweet about you.

2. Say My Name

Really liked this incredibly simple site, where people with difficult names explain how to pronounce them via audio.

So no more problems with the Jevgeni Beliaikins and Dennenesch Zoudés of the world.

3. Website in a box

As long as there has been the web, there have been sites-in-a-box. These services seemed to disappear with the onset of blogging but my visit to MoMB reveals that a new generation of sites-while-u-wait are springing up.

Drupal Gardens, Lifeyo and BaseKit are typical examples.

One thought on “A(nother) visit to the Museum of Modern Betas

  1. Love fiverr but spent more then I have made so far :)
    Also don’t forget to check out the other clones out there that have multiple prices out there.
    Some go up to $1000, although not sure if I would ever spend $1000 on a site like that lol.

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