Recommended Reading – Government transparency, foreign policy reform and the internet as a semicommons

'Let Me Read' by mintlips

Good and bad transparency‘ by Steph Gray,

The coming wave of transparency could transform government working culture in a hugely positive way, but it could also make it more guarded and less effective; former civil servant, Steph Gray, explores the arguments in an even-handed manner.

Organizing for Influence – UK Foreign Policy in an Age of Uncertainty‘ by Alex Evans and David Steven, Chatham House

An independent report stating a case for a new definition of the UK Government’s international mission marking a wholesale ‘upgrade and reform’ of all aspects of its international programme.

The Internet is a Semicommons‘ by James Grimmelmann, Fordham Law Review

Grimmelmann uses a mixture of property theory and internet history to argue why we shouldn’t take the schism between ‘private’ and ‘common’ internet too seriously. Heady stuff but in Grimmelmann’s readily-accessible fashion.

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