Recommended Reading… multi-lingual accessibility, cyber-scepticism and cybersecurity

1. Nomensa has suggested 7 tips and techniques for multi-lingual website accessibility on its Humanising Technology blog. Good practical advice and an excellent introductory note for anyone thinking about creating or managing a multi-lingual site.  (via @neilfranklin)

2. Paul Harris writing in the Guardian accounts for the new wave of cyber-scepticism rushing through American academia, this time focussed on social networking. A well-weighted article on an increasingly mainstream debate about the sociological influences of increasingly mainstream communication tools.

3. Foreign Secretary, William Hague, gave a speech to the Munich Security Conference which set out Britain’s call for international norms in cybersecurity.  For an international perspective on the risks, OECD‘s Reducing Systemic Cybersecurity Risks report explores the potential of cyber-related events to have the capacity to cause a global shock.

On my desktop this week… ‘Gatecrasher’ by Rob Johnson

'Gatecrasher' by Rob Johnson
'Gatecrasher' by Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson is one of the most talented creatives I’ve worked with. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him and his desk of stuff for 6 months at Dog Digital.

I remember he decided to have a go at Lomography and bought a crazy looking camera. Oh how we laughed at Rob and his giant red camera.

But look at him now, producing top quality photography and in the final 10 of the LoBlography Challenge. With efforts like the one above, he should win. He needs a less in-yo-face camera.

Rob blogs at BitsofBobs.

On my desktop this week… ‘t is for tomato’ from ‘AlphaDeath’ series by Philip Tseng

't is for tomato' by Philip Tseng
't is for tomato' by Philip Tseng

Got a bambino on the way, so I’m getting interested in alphabets and numbers.

It was in searching for some leftfield alphabets to put up in Baby’s room, that I found the ‘AlphaDeath‘ series on the Minicubby portfolio site of one Philip Tseng.

The premise of ‘AlphaDeath‘ is a fruit for each letter being killed. Probably not appropriate for the use I originally had in mind but neat nonetheless.