Who is Ross Ferguson?

Hello, I am Ross Ferguson.

I work creatively with technology for the benefit of people.

Ross Ferguson

If you want to contact me…

12 thoughts on “Who is Ross Ferguson?

  1. Hey Ross, Noticed your new gig via Whitehall Webby. Added you on to my RSS feed list. Good to see you online and in a new gig!

    Flip me your coordinates when you get a chance.


  2. Hey Ross – good to find you on here (via David Wilcox recent post) – have added your rss feed to my aggregator and looking forward to reading your stuff :-)



  3. […] Ross Ferguson, until recently the Director of the Hansard Society’s eDemocracy programme, has now returned to his native Scotland to work at Dog Digital, started a blog, and is able to offer us some useful insights from his new perspective away from the Westminster bustle. I talked to Ross at the e-democracy 07 conference just before he left, when he reflected on the past few years in e-democracy. Steady progress made, he felt, but in order to achieve more a greater number of politicians need to engage with the possibilities offered by engagement online. At present developments were too often  driven by officials, companies and activists. Gaining more commitment would involve paying more attention to the way that online working can integrate with politicians’  day-to-day work – rather than focussing solely on their external communications. […]

  4. Hey Rosss,
    Remember me? Roberta from BC Brazil? Just sent you a message on gmail. You do move around allot which reflects all that creativity not bottled up inside you.

    Wishing you all the best!


  5. mate… good to see you up here. drop me a line when you have a moment… want to pick your brains on a number of issues



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