On my desktop this week… ‘Disassembly’ by Todd McLellan

'Disassembly' by Todd McLellan
'Disassembly' by Todd McLellan

In his ‘Disassembly’ series, Todd McLellan takes apart everyday technology, lays the bits out, then chucks them up in the air. He takes photos at each stage and each photo is very simple yet captivating.

This shot of the typewriter caught my eye. Typewriters look complex from the outside for a piece of technology with one straight function, and just look at the parts and the engineering involved!

This work made me think of my Grandfather. He loves to take technology apart and see what makes it work. PCs are his favourite disassemble.

On my desktop this week… ‘Street Bubble’ by Unknown*

'Street Bubble' by Unknown*

I don’t know who this is by, which annoys me becuase I like it.

Usually, I like to say a bit about the illustration, photo or what ever it is. All I can say is that I found it on ffffound.

In an earlier post, I wondered if these desktops reveal anything about my state of mind. Not sure. This illustration reminds me of times when you find yourself thinking so hard about something that you wander almost aimlessly, or when you smell something that triggers a memory and transport you to an earlier time or aniother place in your life.

* ‘Street Bubble’ is what I’ve called it. If anyone finds out the designer, let me know. I think it may be a book cover.

On my desktop this week… ‘Between Red-39’ by Sea Hyun Lee

Between Red-39 by Sea Hyun Lee
'Between Red-39' by Sea Hyun Lee

This stood out at first because it evoked thoughts of a mystical mountanous lost world created by a collage; then it reminded me of Chinese restaurants (?!); then I was surprised to discover it was done in oils on canvas.

What a feat of artistry! I think it’s wonderful.

The talent in question Sea Hyun Lee. You can gaze over more of the ‘Red Between’ series on the Union Gallery site.

Think I first saw it on ffffound.