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The Obama election campaign will always be remembered for its use of the web to keep voters up-to-date and engaged. But how will this campaign momentum transfer to the Administration? This Pew research shows that as campaigning becomes governing, half of Obama voters expect the frequency of contact to be maintained.

Leadbeater gets Carter
Charlie Leadbeater is peeved with the low-sights of the Digital Britain report . Charlie makes some good points about the reports lack of engagement with changing business models business in digital media. But I am disappointed by his generalisations that government doesn’t get digital. I for one don’t think that’s true.

Decisions, decisions
Good collective decisions depend on the amount of information available but also the ability of individuals to determine the veracity of the information. At least, that’s how it works for bees.

You gave us your money, now give us your feedback

Was part of a good discussion today about 1) highs-and-lows of the digital year [almost] gone and 2) hopes and fears for the year to come.

Barack Obama’s use of digital media featured highly in both. We spoke about our shared admiration for the election campaign, and our shared aspirations for what might happen after January 20th 2009.

What excites someone in my sort of role about what the new US Administration might do with digital, is how it might excite other leaders around the world and encourage them to keep pace.

Only time will tell if the adventurous, inclusive and integrated approach to digital we witnessed during the presidential campaign will translate to an average day in the White House. But I think the portents are positive.

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