On my desktop this week… ‘La Tierra Prometida’ by Paco Pomet

'La Tierra Prometida' by Paco Pomet
'La Tierra Prometida' by Paco Pomet

I can’t remember how, when or where I came across Pac0 Pomet. But when you see his surreal paintings you don’t forget them easily.

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On my desktop this week… ‘No way out’ by Andrew Bannecker

'No way out' by Andrew Bannecker
'No way out' by Andrew Bannecker

No deep and meaningful reason for this one.

Saw it. Liked it. Stuck it up.

It is beautifully coloured and textured.

Andrew Bannecker works outa Washington DC, Stateside. I came across his stuff for the first time at Monsters Inked over in the Idea Generation gallery.

On my desktop this week… “Funny Funny” by NIARK1

'Funny Funny' by NIARK1
'Funny Funny' by NIARK1

This splendid totem of absurdity and goof is by NIARK1, an ace illustrator from Paris.

His work often features intense and colourful characters. It’s fun and it’s rich and more can be seen at www.niark1.com.

This particular illustration is the perfect accompaniment to full-on week.

I originally found it on Behance.

On my desktop this week… ‘Morsels’* by Raymond Biesinger

'Morsels'* by Raymond Biesinger

Raymond Biesinger is a self-taught illustrator based in Edmonton, Canada.

His portfolio is at www.debutart.com/artist/raymond-biesinger. Thre’s some great stuff on there, including an illustration of the UK Houses of Parliament.

* ‘Morsels’ is the name I gave it. The site doesn’t provide the artist’s title.

On my desktop this week… ‘Hidden Forms’ by Hans Hansen

Hidden Design, Hidden Forms by Hans Hansen
'Hidden Forms' by Hans Hansen

This photo is going to catch the eye of a blogger who calls his site ‘BasicCraft’.

It was taken by Hans Hansen for a book, Hidden Forms, by Franco Clivio.

I don’t know Clivio but his book is about anonymous designed objects: simple, functional, yet elegant and astoundingly. For Clivio the complexity of the design process is best demonstrated, not by design objects, but on the basis of things from everyday life.

My sentiments exactly.

Found via Creative and Live.

Choose a different ending

Went in to visit the Google’s Public Sector team this week to pick their brains on YouTube. Charlotte and Katarina had lots of interesting things to demonstrate, but I was most taken by a video they showed me.

Made for the Metropolitan Police by Spike, ‘Choose a different ending’ is one of the sharpest uses of YouTube I have yet seen for a public sector campaign.

It’s more of a play than a watch; check it out at www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFVkzYDNJqo and the campaign site at www.droptheweapons.org.

Insighful and hardworking creative, using the technolgy and the channel superbly; not preachy but makes you think twice. I think this might have an impact; it’s already caught on and seems to generating the views from exactly the intended audience. I’m really keen to locate an evaluation. Continue reading “Choose a different ending”

On my desktop this week… ‘Crows’ from Suzuki MotoDen by Louise Z Pomeroy

'Crows' by Louise Z Pomeroy

Louise Z Pomeroy is a fantastic young illustrator whose stuff is all a bit subtly twisted and distrubing. I picked this out because it was one of the least edgy options that would be suitable for my office, and also because corvids are my favourite family of birds. That OK?

Hat-tip to Booooooom for the find.