On my desktop this week… ‘New York Red Horse’ by Stacey Rozich

'New York Red Horse' by Stacey Rozich
'New York Red Horse' by Stacey Rozich

Stacey’s a multimedia illustrator who has been blogging at Mystery Meats but is soon to start up on Staceyrozich.com.

She’s from Seattle (a city I am deeply in awe of ). But more importantly she’s a talented user of watercolours, a medium most of us associate with whimsical landscapes. Stacey is at the other end of the spectrum; I loved the movement in this character, the textures, colours and the combination of Japanese and African mythology. Very eye-catching.

There’s a good interview with the artist on the My Love For You blog.

On my desktop this week… “Funny Funny” by NIARK1

'Funny Funny' by NIARK1
'Funny Funny' by NIARK1

This splendid totem of absurdity and goof is by NIARK1, an ace illustrator from Paris.

His work often features intense and colourful characters. It’s fun and it’s rich and more can be seen at www.niark1.com.

This particular illustration is the perfect accompaniment to full-on week.

I originally found it on Behance.

On my desktop this week… ‘Hidden Forms’ by Hans Hansen

Hidden Design, Hidden Forms by Hans Hansen
'Hidden Forms' by Hans Hansen

This photo is going to catch the eye of a blogger who calls his site ‘BasicCraft’.

It was taken by Hans Hansen for a book, Hidden Forms, by Franco Clivio.

I don’t know Clivio but his book is about anonymous designed objects: simple, functional, yet elegant and astoundingly. For Clivio the complexity of the design process is best demonstrated, not by design objects, but on the basis of things from everyday life.

My sentiments exactly.

Found via Creative and Live.

On my desktop this week… ‘Dam #6’ by Edward Burtynsky

Dam #6 by Edward Burtynsky
'Dam #6' by Edward Burtynsky

Because sometimes delivering digital media projects can feel as complex and as large an undertaking as civil engineering. And afterall with each site, each piece of content, each interaction we manufacture the digital landscape.

I got into this sort of photography after watching Koyaanisqatsi. Ever since the work of Edward Burtynsky comes the fore of my mind when I talk about the best photography I’ve seen.

A big moment in social network history

Logged into Facebook this morning to find a message from Mark Zuckerburg himself. It was basically all about the new layout, but I was also rather surprised to find out that they are describing Facebook as a ‘movement’ (see below). That’s taking it too far.

So, what about this new layout; this big moment in social network history? Continue reading “A big moment in social network history”

Consultation, eh?

Been taking a keener-than-usual interest in Canadian politics online; I’ve written an article for a Canadian journal discussing different national experiences of eDemocracy.

I didn’t write about this specific site, but I found CitizenVoices interesting. Ostensibly it’s a platform for Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada, to bring young citizens together for dialogue with politicians.

Four elements caught my attention:

  1. The dashboard model – I tested this approach with the Office of the Children’s Commissioner as part of the Digital Dialogues project last year. It was developed in partnership with Vohm, and brought profiles, forums, blogs, polls and an ‘Ask & Answer’ module all underpinned by Drupal. The idea is to give participants control over what functionality they use, in the interest of seeing whether their participation frequency rises or falls in comparison with sites where the functionality is pre-determined by its managers. Continue reading “Consultation, eh?”