Getting Together with Transport for London

I quite like Transport for London’s ‘Together for London‘ network site.

The idea instinctively appeals to me. I used to live in London and, when I moved there, I was surprised by the lack the manners on public transport and the reticence of passengers and staff to intervene. Now, I’m moving there again and I’m not looking forward to the commuting; any campaign to improve the experience of using London’s transport system would be warmly welcomed.

First off it’s a OK looking site, with a decent, if conventional architecture. There are some general styling/display issues that will get sorted in time, no doubt. I’ve got a bigger problem with the avatars. I wonder if people aren’t just a bit tired of creating avatars. I can see what they are trying to do, and I like the idea of the avatars and campaigns being brought out of the site and on to the bus, train or bike lane, but the quality is too low and I don’t think there will be many people rushing out to wear their avatar t-shirt. ‘Naf’ is the word that comes to mind when I see the avatars and the design concept – looks a bit like kids were forced to design the site for a school competition.

I think I will use this site. I intend to follow an contribute to some discussions and campaigns, I may even start my own. But I will be on the watch for this descending into an all-out grieving-post. Two things will stop that happening, responsibility for both falls to TfL.
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Speak you’re branes

Before I go into this… there are more good contributions posted to forums than there are bad. Hands down.

But… one of my favourite blogs is based on cutting through that good stuff, and going right to the crap.

Speak you’re branes is based around bona fide comments posted on the ‘have your say’ discussion boards run by our broadcasters and newspapers. The stuff is so fantastic and so inane that you’d think that Speak you’re branes must have faked them. But no.

The author is an excellent editor, a cutting critic and clearly a great social media rapporteur. And I love the domain –

These days people have started sending stuff in they find on their midday surfs. So, if find a gem, send it their way. Hell, send it my way too.