Join the Innovation Nation

Michelle Lyons, who oversaw Digital Dialogues for the MoJ, is now Community Manager at DIUS. She has asked some bloggers and other champions of online engagement to help her promote a new pilot being run by the department. Very happy to oblige :)

The DIUS pilot has taken the Innovation Nation White Paper and made it interactive – in that it allows interested parties to comment on the Paper paragraph by paragraph. Neat.

So even if you responded to the original consultation, this is worth getting into – partly because policy officials want your views on the subject matter, but also because a good turnout and some constructive contributions will encourage them to do this again. Continue reading “Join the Innovation Nation”

When someone is trying to make conversation, it’s rude to ignore them

The Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) is one of the new kids on the Whitehall block. The department has been established to steward the Government programmes that foster a dynamic, knowledge-based economy. And with a Minister like John Denham at the helm, the outlook is good.

A while back I picked up on a consultation DIUS was staging on innovation and how it should be sustained in the UK. Originally based on a conventional set of questions and an invitation to send in a response, I spotted that DIUS have now ‘upgraded’ the exercise with a consultation microsite.

The opportunity to get involved in a consultation about the contribution of innovation to the UK’s competitiveness is welcomed. The exercise has a particular focus on science and innovation policies and is open until January 31st 2008. I’m going to respond where I can (science and innovation is not exactly my area of expertise) and would urge others to get involved in order to demonstrate the depth of interest and the breadth of the innovation practitioner community. Continue reading “When someone is trying to make conversation, it’s rude to ignore them”