Three Things Twitter

Been so busy this week and last that I’ve not had the time to write even 140 characters. But today Twitter caught my attention in three ways…

1. The Central Office of Information or the COI as it’s know on da street (the department I work for) began using its Twitter account. It was set up by our Interactive Services division and taken on by our Corporate Communications team. You can follow at

2. eConsultancy has reviewed whether the UK’s top 50 digital agencies are using the micro-blogging platform, and found just a 25% adoption rate. It’s sparked a debate on whether agencies should bother or not. I am surprised at the low adoption; I would have expected more agencies to have signed up to see what was going down or at least to claim the username. Thanks to Steph for the tip.

3. kills me, so Twattering is right up my alley. Cutting, but probably deserved. Cheers to Nadeem for the tip.