One Laptop Per Child in Nigeria

Really enjoyed an article by Jonathan Fildes on the BBC website about a Nigerian primary school’s experiences of the $100 laptop.

According to his report, there have been some highs and lows. On the negatives… it seems that ‘games, girls and gambling’ are still high on the agenda for first time internet users :) But let’s concentrate on the highs… the students are really enjoying the laptops and have even started to disassemble and reassemble the hardware to see how it really works.

This last bit reminds me of a school I visited in Recife (Brazil) that was working with the Porto Digital initiative. The students’ first task is to build their own machine. Then, instead of Portuguese, it’s code and copyrighting class; instead of maths, it’s budgets. In art class, they learn photo-editing and Flash. I want to go back to school!