12 for 12 – Professional Resolutions for 2010

I’m not really one for personal New Year’s resolutions.

But seeing as this new year is the start of a new decade and I’ve been in the Civil Service for 12 months, I thought I’d make a sort-of-exception and come up with and share my New Year’s professional resolutions.

  1. Innovation is like love – easy to say, hard to define. Best just get on with it and let actions speak louder than words.
  2. Trust instinct. Much of work is about familiar fixed patterns.
  3. Look at everything we do through the framework of behaviour change.
  4. Look at everything we do through the framework of saving money.
  5. Realise that change can happen overnight.
  6. Don’t over engineer. Remember that it’s easier to add than take away.
  7. Be frank. Have more straight-up conversations with people.
  8. Remember that people who know the rules best, know how to get round them best.
  9. If I’m looking for adventure,  go out in search of truly strategic integrated communications.
  10. Be more honest which means being more creative.
  11. Comment on other people’s opinions and work more often. Appreciative inquiry is the way forward.
  12. Being optimistic is the catalyst for an open mind.

True – it’s a tightrope between cliche and mumbo-jumbo, but I’ve looked inside and those 12 really speak to me.

Have you made any professional resolutions for 2010?