On my desktop this week… ‘Untitled #20’ by Filip Dujardin

'Untitled #20' by Filip Dujardin
'Untitled #20' by Filip Dujardin

This is my favourite from a series called ‘Fictions’ by digital artist, Filip Dujardin.

His architectural creations are from a parallel dystopia. Unemcumbered by the laws of architecture, he has constructed completely original building dimensions and layouts, which are nonetheless distrurbingly familiar.

You can tour the rest of ‘Fictions’ at www.filipdujardin.be.

On my desktop this week… ‘Disassembly’ by Todd McLellan

'Disassembly' by Todd McLellan
'Disassembly' by Todd McLellan

In his ‘Disassembly’ series, Todd McLellan takes apart everyday technology, lays the bits out, then chucks them up in the air. He takes photos at each stage and each photo is very simple yet captivating.

This shot of the typewriter caught my eye. Typewriters look complex from the outside for a piece of technology with one straight function, and just look at the parts and the engineering involved!

This work made me think of my Grandfather. He loves to take technology apart and see what makes it work. PCs are his favourite disassemble.

On my desktop this week… ‘Gatecrasher’ by Rob Johnson

'Gatecrasher' by Rob Johnson
'Gatecrasher' by Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson is one of the most talented creatives I’ve worked with. I had the pleasure of sitting next to him and his desk of stuff for 6 months at Dog Digital.

I remember he decided to have a go at Lomography and bought a crazy looking camera. Oh how we laughed at Rob and his giant red camera.

But look at him now, producing top quality photography and in the final 10 of the LoBlography Challenge. With efforts like the one above, he should win. He needs a less in-yo-face camera.

Rob blogs at BitsofBobs.

On my desktop this week… ‘Hidden Forms’ by Hans Hansen

Hidden Design, Hidden Forms by Hans Hansen
'Hidden Forms' by Hans Hansen

This photo is going to catch the eye of a blogger who calls his site ‘BasicCraft’.

It was taken by Hans Hansen for a book, Hidden Forms, by Franco Clivio.

I don’t know Clivio but his book is about anonymous designed objects: simple, functional, yet elegant and astoundingly. For Clivio the complexity of the design process is best demonstrated, not by design objects, but on the basis of things from everyday life.

My sentiments exactly.

Found via Creative and Live.

On my desktop this week… ‘bus windaes’ by Ross Ferguson

bus windaes by Ross ferguson
'bus windaes' by Ross ferguson

Nothing in my usual sources caught my eye, so this week it’s one of mine from a photo collection called ‘My Hood‘.

I took the shot from the top of the #26 bus just outside of Liverpool Street Station. It was one of those freezing cold sunny days. I don’t live in the East End anymore; I lived there for 6 years but I only miss the photography.

You can see more of my photos at www.flickr.com/photos/fergaloid.