Recommended Reading… from FCO, Chatham House and Race Online 2012

Britain’s Foreign Policy in a Networked World‘ by William Hague, FCO

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, gave a speech outlining the Government’s vision for UK foreign policy on 1 July 2010. The transcript is on the FCO site and you can also watch the video recording on the FCO’s YouTube channel.

British Attitudes Towards the UK’s International Priorities‘ by Chatham House and YouGov

This survey tests views both of the general public and ‘elite’ opinion-formers concerning the key themes of future UK foreign policy and international relations. Part of the part Rethinking the UK’s International Ambitions and Choices series from Chatham House, the survey demonstrates divergences between these two groups.

Manifesto for a Networked Nation‘ by Race Online 2012

The Networked Nation Manifesto sets out bold and detailed plans calling for urgent action to get millions more online by the end of 2012 with key roles for government, industry and charities.

Recommended Reading – Government transparency, foreign policy reform and the internet as a semicommons

'Let Me Read' by mintlips

Good and bad transparency‘ by Steph Gray,

The coming wave of transparency could transform government working culture in a hugely positive way, but it could also make it more guarded and less effective; former civil servant, Steph Gray, explores the arguments in an even-handed manner.

Organizing for Influence – UK Foreign Policy in an Age of Uncertainty‘ by Alex Evans and David Steven, Chatham House

An independent report stating a case for a new definition of the UK Government’s international mission marking a wholesale ‘upgrade and reform’ of all aspects of its international programme.

The Internet is a Semicommons‘ by James Grimmelmann, Fordham Law Review

Grimmelmann uses a mixture of property theory and internet history to argue why we shouldn’t take the schism between ‘private’ and ‘common’ internet too seriously. Heady stuff but in Grimmelmann’s readily-accessible fashion.