Putting all your vids in one basket?

Is it ‘risky’ to put all your video content on one site? Particularly if you are ‘government’?

See – www.readwriteweb.com/archives/the_youtube_government.php.

Other decent options?


In doubt? Check:

– Audience size and type
– Cost
– Copyright
– Commenting
– Statistics

Being in more places, means more eyeballs. But it also means more management and tracking. The ol’ cost:benefit analysis.

Do nothing, get hit

Spoke to a bloke who chose not use video-sharing sites to promote some (decent) animations he’d made. Because, apparently, it takes too much effort to generate the links and views.

Interesting question this. How much time does it take to tend to your videos?

The answer is none. None time and none money. Or so it would seem.

One year ago I upload two videos to YouTube. One I looked after almost daily for three months; the other got slapped up like canteen grub. The only thing that links them is that no money was spent on either and that they are both on a hideously ‘ip-an-‘appening video-sharing website. This is the tale of their contrasting fortunes. Continue reading “Do nothing, get hit”