Another tour of duty

I’m finishing up at MyGov and the Scottish Government’s Digital Directorate. It’s been a short gig but it’s been well-played.

Scotland’s is a digital future

I am pleased to have had the opportunity to represent MyGov. I’ve done my bit by negotiating the team through a period of intense pressure while also bringing longer term stability to the resources in the programme, and mapping out an ambitious roadmap for future delivery.

My decision is not a reflection on MyGov. I believe in the mission and I especially believe in the team. You have a huge amount of talent; you are going to continue to make awesome products and services for Scotland, and make people’s lives better as a result of your efforts – of that I am certain.

You are a resilient and self-supporting bunch, plus you have great leaders in Colin, Graham and Rachel, who will ably see you through this period as you stand up and begin developing again with gusto. And then there are the new starters lined up to join the team, who will complement your abilities and effort.

I’m not leaving government and I’ll remain a strong and active supporter of MyGov.

Back to the future

I’m really pleased to have been invited onto another tour of duty with the Government Digital Service. This time around I’ll be serving the community of product and service managers in GDS and around government in the UK – helping them to stay connected with one another, share their skills and get people excited about their craft.

I’m ridiculously excited about this new role. I’m looking forward to being back with old colleagues of course, but 3 years is a long time to be away and I’m even more inspired about working with the new guard there. There is so much energy in this new era for GDS and the challenges are compelling.

It feels like a good time to be going back to something different.

More on that anon.

Thank you @mygovscot

For the time being, it’s thank you, goodbye and good luck to my colleagues and friends in the Scottish Government.

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